Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hello (Again).

I`m back (again).... 

How are you, anyone?
Been a while since my last post, 
ehemm 2.5 years actually :)
So now, im a mother of two kids, 
5 y.o son and 2 y.o daughter... 
The rest is still the same, 
Still in love with scrapbooking, 
Still trying to be a good yogini, and,
Still love to travel around the world. 
So most of all, my life is still the same. 

The reason i left blogging is,
I had a problem with my second pregnancy,
So i have to take a rest for a while. 
My daughter born 1.5 months before the due date. 
She stayed in the NICU (ICU room for a baby) for 5 days, 
and left the hospital after 23 days.
This is her first picture taken by my hubby, couple hours after she were born.

Her conditions wasn`t too good, 
compare to my first kid, Aston.
She keep have a problem and stay in hospital twice after that.
I have to look after her, and make sure that our house is clean enough for her. 
Day by day, night by night, 
she`s doing great and her body can deal with it. 
She grow faster and become our little princess. 

And this is my Aston, my little boy, 
he will always be my boy. 

So, now, as you see, im a mother of two, 
my life is complete and full,
My day is filled with more laughters and tears,
and sometimes an angry face :) 
But im glad,
 i choose to stay at home, 
and watch they grow up together.

And here i am , 
Trying to start (again)
and catch up everything that i left behind in my blog. 
Hope this time, I`m doing better. 

Saturday, October 02, 2010

I Say a Little Prayer

A simple layout using Webster Pages - Postcard from Paris series,
before im off for 1 week, going to have a short holiday! Yipieeee!
I`ll cu next week yaaa... :)

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Back To Normal.

Hi Guys, how are you?

So happy, to have time updating my blog.
I really try my best to update my blog couple times before now,
but, during my second pregnancy, i have to stay at bed all the time,
been spotting couple times, no wonder,
i dont have time to sit in front of my computer.

And then, the big trouble comes, my computer,
which is very old, and been stay with me for more than 3 years now,
oh yes, dont u think about mac book or ipad, but, i still love it so much,
So, can u imagine? It looks like, i have lost my second husband!
And it really complete my day!!!

Oh, by the way, today, ill post some layout pictures,
still about Aston, my favourite objects.
Hope nowadays i have much time and energy to doing some art projects,
i keep trying to finish Aston 2 years of milestones projects,
(he is 2,5 years now!)
then i can start my second pregnancy project!
Oh , i just cant wait! :)

Friday, August 20, 2010


Thanks God.

(My) Sweet Life

I spend my time made this layout for this 3 days,
while i still waiting for the good news that i waiting for.
It found a difficulties finishing this layout,
at some point, i have no idea where to put the embelishment,
i have no idea how to make this layout as good as what people did with
their Webster Pages layout.
I really have to think hard, like a beginner who finishing their first layout.
But i did glad, when i finished this.
Not because i finally succeed make this layout like what i want.
And not because i love this layout very much.
When i see this layout, i feel joy and happiness,
it convince me (again) that i have a wonderful life, i have a sweet life.
No matter what will happen today, whether it will turns to good or bad news,
i have 2 men in my life, that will love me like the way i do.
And it really, really make me glad, i have them in my life.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Keep On Waiting

Hope is a very quiet thing,

but strong.
With a little sustenance,
it can endure.
With little light it can survive.
It makes life possible.

I just hope for something.
Try not make it as something big,
i just keep send my pray to God,
think positive,
and hope for the best.
May God always be with me.

Friday, August 13, 2010

I Love You (Aston) from A to Z part 3

and last but not least...

Q for Quality...

R for Radiant...

S for Sweet...

T for Talented...

U for Unique...

V for Vintage...

W for Wonderful...

X for eXquisite...

Y for You...

Z for Zany...

And thats all, guys!
I`ll cu later, with my next project!
Happy friday,
hope you all have a good weekend! :)